Photo of Newlyn Harbour from Newlyn Beach, Cornwall

Cornwall family and places

 Rowe Family People:

William Rowe and Alice Daniel, my Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents. Their story is here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Their children

Mary Ann Rowe 1813-1899,  and Thomas Rowe, Newlyn
The oldest child of William Rowe and Alice Daniel

John Rowe, 1817-?, mason, Sarah Sampson and Cecilia Paynton Stevens later Alder
the second child of William Rowe and Alice Daniel.  John and Sarah’s seven children include:

Grace Daniel Rowe, 1819 – 1905, Milliner, Newlyn and Devonport
Grace is the third child of William Rowe and Alice Daniel

Alice Rowe (later Victor), 1824 – 1903 and Bernard Victor 1818 – 1890
Alice is the fifth child of William Rowe and Alice Daniel.  Their eight children include:

  • Their daughter Mary Wright Victor later Kelynack, 1846 – 1934, Royal Navy Chief Carpenter’s wife, Newlyn and Devonport, Edward A Kelynack and their descendants
  • Their son John Victor 1852 – 1934, Boiler-maker, Mousehole and Devonport, Eliza Jane Crews and their descendants
  • Their daughter Louisa Victor later Pentreath 1854-59, husband William Pontreath and their daughter Louisa
  • Their son Benjamin Victor 1861-1914, Shoemaker, Mousehole, Edith Wilkins and their descendants
  • Their son Edwin Albert Victor 1866 – 1931, Carpenter, Mousehole, Devonport, Swansea, Sarah Maddern and their descendants

Patience Daniel Rowe 1830-1908 and Thomas Tremethick 1825-1878
Their ten children include:

James Daniel Rowe 1835-1905 and Catherine Jaco 1839-1928, Mousehole and Newlyn. James is the youngest son of William Rowe and Alice Daniel. Their children include:

Jaco/Jacca/Jacka Family

All family members were referred to with several different spellings of their name during their life, and even on their death certificates.  Where possible I’ve used the earliest or most likely spelling.

Peter Jacca and Catherine Noall Kelynack and their children:



Updated 4 August 2016

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