My family and other mysteries

MeIn 2013 – after many years away from my initial genealogy work – I was motivated to take it up again when a too-good-to-miss offer of a funded training course became available. So here I am, working my way back, no-one rich, no-one famous, just normal people working hard.

I’m researching my family based in:

  • Devon, mainly the three towns of Plymouth and nearby villages
    (Glover Keast, Moon, Dolton, Horn, Preece and Tope)
  • Cornwall, mainly Paul/Newlyn/Penzance
    (Jelbert, Hosking, Rowe, Sullivan)
  • West Yorkshire
    (Broadbent, Waddington, Holt, Cowling/Cooling)
  • Northumberland & Durham
    (Brown, Hedley, Halliday, Howe)
  • Renfrewshire
    (Black) &
  • Argyll
    (McCalman, McVicar, Dewar)

These are my experiences, hopefully including something helpful which might save you some time or give you an idea about some new avenue to explore.

If you’re on Twitter please do say hello – my ID is @starryblackness  – especially if you do participate in #AncestryHour at 19.00h UK time on Tuesday evenings!

Lynne Black
December 2015

8 thoughts on “My family and other mysteries

  1. stuart dolton

    It appears we share a common ancxestor in John Willing Dolton. Reading the results of your research has been great as it confirms my own…l have to say your investigations seem much more comprehensive than my own….and it has been a few years since l last gave time to my family history.
    My great grandmother…Elizabeth Ann Lavinia Dolton nee Carter is buried in Hooe St Johns Church, she passed 1938. Her son, Archelous Harold Dolton..d 1955 is buried in the same unmarked grave.
    Elizabeth, as you know, married Archelous Joseph Avery Horn Dolton, but they seperated in the early 1900s. “Arkie” tried to get back in the family fold during the 1930s but his sons left him in no doubt he wasnt welcome by accounts heard from my fathers generation. I have recently been told that Archelous is also buried in Hooe Church but l have not confirmed this fact at the time of this message.
    Harold….mentioned above…spent most of his life in the Royal Navy…l understand he was involved in the battle of Jutland…and was the very first passenger on the Palace Saloon Bus Service from Hooe to Plymouth in Jan 1928.
    I would be thrilled to hear from you.
    Stuart Dolton.

  2. John Dewar

    Hi Starryblackness, just came across your piece on Donald Dewar Game Keeper, did you know two of his sons Peter & Donald ( my grandfather) became Captains on the Clyde steamers? , you wouldn’t think coming from country life they would end up on the Steamers, could be another bit of research. Aside from that I would be interested how you are related cheers


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