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3 thoughts on “My Argyll links

  1. Àdhamh Ó Broin


    Interesting reading about your MacVicars. I am currently researching the local Gaelic dialect, which I speak fluently with the last of the native speakers who now lives in Lochgilphead. He is the direct descendant of the Castle MacVicars of Loch Gair and remembers a lot about his immediate ancestors. You will therefore be distantly related to him. He tells me that the MacVicars had been resident in “An Caisteal” (The Castle) for 200 years by the time it was sold in the 90s when his uncle, the final resident passed away.

    Anyway, I thought you might find this interesting.

    Slàn leibh,

    Àdhamh Ó Broin

    1. starryblackness Post author

      Thanks Adhamh, sounds quite likely! (sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier). It’s an area of Scotland I love but sadly haven’t had the opportunity to visit for a while. Lynne

  2. Tricia Tennent

    While searching for my husband’s relatives on Bute 1870, I found marriage lines where it says “Mc Vane or Bain” for the bride (Isabella) and each of her parents (John and Matilda). I am going to check out with a friend in Scotland who speaks Gaelic to try and ind out the implication of this!


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