From north to south: looking to Cornwall

A new chapter, a new county, a new feeling of anticipation.

Recently I’ve been trying to tease out my Northumberland shepherd family.  I’ve been able to find several branches of the same few families, and I know from addresses and naming patterns that the links are there but proof is tantalisingly out of reach.  And I’ve managed to rule out some red herrings.  But I’ve decided to park my work there for that and other reasons, and look for my Cornish ancestors.

Photo of Mousehole Harbour, Cornwall

Mousehole Harbour, Cornwall

My mother still lives in Cornwall and it’s the land of my childhood holidays. A few years back my uncle’s mother-in-law did some work on the Cornish family, but I don’t have access to all of it.  To be honest I don’t mind, I’m quite happy to do it myself, it’s interesting, absorbing and a challenge, and I can picture and visit many of the places they lived and worked and I can put flowers on my great-grandparents’ grave.  And maybe if I get stuck her notes will be there to give me a pointer.

Looking forward to meeting the family!

© Text and photos copyright Lynne Black, 21 March 2015

3 thoughts on “From north to south: looking to Cornwall

  1. pastsmith

    Interesting name in your photo: Mousehole Harbor. Any idea where the name came from? I have visions of mice everywhere on the dock and running up and down the shore!
    And I am looking forward to reading more about your family.

    1. starryblackness Post author

      Thanks. It’s a funny one isn’t it!?
      Thanks for asking as it prompted me to check something about parish names that was confusing me and now things make a lot more sense!


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