Smart resource for finding Southern Scottish ancestors (and visitors)

I’m developing a couple of blog posts about a few people who lived and worked at various times both sides of the English/Scottish border.

I’ve used the Scotland’s People website for a few years, but I used a different site today for the first time when a search engine flagged it up:  Maxwell Ancestry.  I’d been vaguely aware of it as the Maxwells are quite active in Scottish genealogy, but I’d not used it before.

I think this would be really useful if you have discovered someone, eg from England, visiting southern Scotland and need to access a census record; scans of the actual forms do not display in Ancestry and aren’t even suggested to me in my FindMyPast search returns.

One feature I loved was for a census record I found: there were links to both modern and ancient maps – brilliant for my work today as it identified the village school which the schoolteacher I was researching may have worked.

It looks like they have other specialist sources which I’ll have a browse of, but I really like what I’ve seen so far and the site is really clean and fresh looking.  No one website has every record, but I would definitely recommend having a look at this one for southern-Scotland and English border country families.

Lynne Black, 25 January 2015

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