#52Ancestors #36 Sarah E Halliday, Yorkshire beauty

My great-grandmother, Sarah E Halliday, c1900

My great-grandmother, Sarah E Halliday

My great-grandmother Sarah ‘Sallie’ E Halliday was born in 1863 in Leeds, the youngest child of Thomas Halliday and Mary Ann Howe.

In her day Sallie was considered a great beauty.  Her father, a commissioning agent, seems to have done alright for himself as he was able to provide her with the opportunity to enjoy music, a talent she inherited from her mother and in turn passed down to her own family.

The 1901 census finds her as a tailoress, sewing edges.  The following year she married my great-grandfather Michael Brown at the Church of St John the Evangelist in Leeds.  Michael was a postman and army reservist who later fought in some of the major battles of the first world war and kept his love of the army all his life.

They had a son together 3 years later, William, who inherited his mother’s talent for music but not his father’s fighting skills, as a near-miss with a grenade shows (when one falls in your trench you’re best throwing it out the trench, not high up in the air directly above you!).

52ancestorsSallie and Michael lived on for the rest of the lives in Leeds, Michael working his way up in the Post Office.  Sallie died in 1950.

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    1. starryblackness Post author

      I used to play piano when I was young, but none of the tailoress skills from both sides of my Dad’s families never reached me! But her son Bill was a professional musician and his own son, my Dad, has a degree in music and has played in various orchestras and bands.

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