A Guide to Parish Registers in England and Wales

Really like this article by Alex 🙂

Root To Tip

This post fits neatly into my aim to provide some background and information relating to UK records to help people researching from overseas and indeed from this country, who might be unfamiliar with these types of records and what sort of information they can glean from them and the common pitfalls.

Today I am focusing on parish registers for England and Wales – as Scottish registers are different and I plan to do some other posts in the future about Scottish and Irish records. Usually most people start to consider delving into parish registers once they go back beyond the realm of the 1841 census and the start of civil registration in 1837. Most people who are new to genealogy might not be familiar with these great resources and their rich history.

Image (Image from http://www.parishrecord.org)

Since churches have been in use, record keeping was sketchy, some parishes kept records, others didn’t…

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