#52Ancestors #8 Phyllis Broadbent Brown

Phyllis Broadbent Brown, age 19, 1926

Phyllis Broadbent Brown, age 19, 1926

My grandmother, Phyllis Broadbent, was the youngest child of Ernest Broadbent and Hannah Holt, born 1907 in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Phyllis started as a seamstress with Hurst & Thackways, but later worked in their bookkeeping department as a pay clerk.  She was all her life an excellent seamstress and made most of her own clothes, including suits and coats.

She married William Brown in 1931 (they were known as Phil and Bill) shortly after the death of her mother Hannah, whom she’d nursed in her old age.  Their son Keith is my father.

Happy birthday Granny xxx

©Photo copyright Lynne Black 28 February 2014

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