WDYTYA Live and the Westminster Walk


Busy day today! After a complicated Tube journey I got to Olympia and a long queue. My first time so I’m trying to look too lost, but I was 2 people too late for a ticket for one of the talks I wanted. No matter, the other two were really useful & interesting. The first was an Ancestry one about the Industrial Rev and using it to check occupation records. The second was Jackie Depelle’s session about deciphering old handwriting. I think having learnt shorthand helps a bit for this, muttering phonetically is standard when your mind goes blank!

After doing my best to drive the Yorkshire ladies daft with random map requests I end up with a colourful set, and the promise to come back the next day for the more obscure ones.

Off to the Devon stand and – after a detour to the ATM – I have another set a specialist local docs. Lovely to have the opportunity to discuss the products face-to-face.

It’s now several hours after I arrived & I decide to head off for the afternoon. Back at Westminster station I emerge to a great view of Parliament. But it’s the Abbey I’m heading to. I slaalem round the cameras and get to theentrance. 18 pounds?!?!?! I think not. I’ve given all my money to Devon FHSoc so I potter back to Waterloo and head off to meet my cousin  🙂

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