In anticipation pf WDYTYA Live

I’m on the way down to Who Do You Think You Are Live 2014 in London. It’s a clear day and I’m disconcerting the guy opposite by bobbing up & down in my train seat like a meerkat, but I’ve seen Alnmouth with Lindesfarne & Bamburgh Castles silhouetted so I’m happy. The next huge journey markers for me will be the industrial chimney 6-packs & the huge flatland skies of the midlands.

Not sure what I’ll do after I’ve checked in to my room later. My mum has warned me not to get too close to the Thames after all the rains but a friendly London-based secretary I know has confirmed I won’t be needing flippers. So maybe I’ll wander out a little, to see the evening lights.

Meanwhile the WDYTYA exhibitors are setting up their stands. Having done this myself all I would say is take someone tall to sort out your banners!
Looking forward to seeing Devon FHS and folk from Yorkshire too.
Will also be nice to hopefully meet some Scottish genetweeters in larger-than-avatar size.

I’m sure I’ll go home with a heavy bag but light wallet, but I’m looking forward to getting specialist info & maps so hey ho.

And I’ll also be meeting my cousin I seldom see so altogether should be a great break!

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