WDYTYA Live here I come!

I was disconcerted this morning to get a tweet saying Ancestry.co.uk was following me on Twitter. My first thought was that it was nice and flattering, but I hope they didn’t expect me to be knowledgeable about anything!

But then the phone chirped to me again and I had a message saying I’d won a free ticket to Who Do You Think You Are Live 2014 at Olympia in London next week.  I was so chuffed!  Emailed them straight away with my address so they could mail me the tickets.

A few weeks back I’d looked into booking to get down to London but as I live in Central Scotland – and not even on the main line south – I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford the travel and accommodation I’d need.  Next year, I thought…

So now I’m going this year after all.  I’ve been in touch with my family down there that I hardly ever see and will stay with my cousin – which is brilliant in itself – spending my birthday money on train tickets. Sorted.

So now what? Apart from booking the travel and workshops I’ll spend a few days uploading my latest trees online and then it will be prioritising what I want to find out. And if I go early should I have a day in Kew too, or perhaps the National Archives before WDYTYA starts?  Not that I can actually remember what either holds. Er, guess I’m doing things in the wrong order then 😉  Like I said, not an expert! But a very happy amateur.

5 thoughts on “WDYTYA Live here I come!

    1. starryblackness Post author

      Thank you! I had a look at the website and the event looks huge! I fancy the Yorkshire Family history workshop as it’s that side of my family that I’m working on just now and I think I need a bit of help…

  1. Alex

    Congratulations! I went to the very first WDYTYA Live and I was really impressed with the sheer amount of people and stands there, it was manic! I was especially pleased to see Dan Snow in the flesh! (Yum)
    I think if you are planning to go to the National Archives – give yourself plenty of time – might be a bit much to do both in the same day. (There can be a bit of time to get yourself a readers ticket sorted out when you get there – remember to take some ID and proof of address!) Definitely plan what you are going to look up and pre-order some things to save time rather than waiting for them to be fetched for you.
    I won my first Ancestry subscription years ago when I did a survey online. Super chuffed about that!
    Hope you have a fantastic time!

    1. starryblackness Post author

      Thanks Alex! And that’s really useful thanks, especially your suggestion to pre-order. I think maybe I’ll look towards the military side of things if I get a day in the Archives and perhaps focus on my naval ancestors from Plymouth. My mind is racing!

      1. Alex

        It is an amazing place. First time I ever went it was such a wow experience. I only spent a morning there on my first day and then dashed across London to the British Library to their India Office collections. Really needed a whole day at each place!

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