52 Ancestors #4 Hannah Holt: home, hearth and nimble fingers

Hannah Broadbent nee Holt,

Hannah Broadbent nee Holt, 1864 – 1931

Hannah Holt [Hoult] was the grand-daughter of Mary of Rothwell (52 Ancestors #1) and the great-grand-daughter of Lucy Rawson (52 Ancestors #2).

One of seven children, she herself went on to marry and have 16 of her own with Ernest Broadbent, a miner from Leeds. Of these 16, of whom my Granny was the youngest, 13 survived.

Hannah was the first person in my Granny’s family to have a profession recorded on the census: she was a tailoress. Unfortunately this is a talent which went no futher than my Granny!

One of her sons, Uriah, emigrated to Australia, but was back and fighting for his country in the First World War; they had a party for him when he came back from France on leave c.1917; after the war he headed back to his new life in Australia.

52 ancestors logoAfter Ernest died following a mining accident, Hannah ran a corner shop on Every Street, Leeds, but after a while she became frail and Granny nursed her in her last years.

However Hannah was still finding a use for her nimble fingers: Granny worked in the office at Freedmans and used to walk home with 12 pairs of trousers for her mother to finish – buttons to sew on, turn-ups and waistband to finish. All for 2 shillings and sixpence! One of her grandsons used to sit on a little stool waxing the turn-ups and sorting the buttons for her. It must have been quite a load for her daughter to carry every night and morning.

Hannah died in 1931 and was buried in a Guinea Grave in Burmantofts Cemetery with her husband Ernest.

I’d be really interested to hear from Uriah’s descendants in Australia, he had a son also called Uriah, but who preferred to be called Jack.

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13 thoughts on “52 Ancestors #4 Hannah Holt: home, hearth and nimble fingers

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  4. Mal Lambert ( Holt )

    Hi Lynne Black,
    My name is Mal Lambert from NSW Australia. My grandmother was Ella Beatrice Holt, the daughter of Joseph Holt who was brother to Uriah Holt. 2 days ago I visited the grave of Uriah and his wife Mary Ann at the Mays Hill cemetery near Parramatta in Sydney. My cousin Viv Holt from Bendigo and I are doing lots of family history research at the moment and I came across this information on Hannah while looking for stuff about Uriah today.
    I would very much like for you to get in touch with me. Viv and I would eventually like to publish a small book with info and photos on the Holts and maybe even get some sort of family reunion happening.
    Feel free to get in contact with me on this email address. Looking forward to hearing from you and swapping Holt information.
    Cheers and good luck from the land down under, your relly, Mal.

    1. starryblackness Post author

      Hi Mal, great to hear from you! What’s your email address, I can’t see it displayed?

      Not sure which Joseph and Uriah you mean as Martha had both brothers and sons with those names. Email me and we can chat!


      1. Mal Lambert ( Holt )

        Hi again Lynne,

        Great to hear from you. My email address is malcolmlambert@bigpond.com

        If you give me your email address I will email you a couple of photos I took last saturday at the Uriah and Mary grave at Mays Hill cemetery, section C, row 3, grave number 20.
        I only stumbled on it while in Parramatta searching for other family history stuff but I thought I was so close that I may as well go and take a look. Uriah and Joseph’s parents were Mark Holt and Sarah Cooling. There were 7 children that I know of including those 2 plus Tom, Ruth Hannah, Clara and Jane.

        Cheers from OZ, Mal

  5. Christina Garrick

    Hello Lynne Black my name is Christina Garrick from Canada and I have just started some family searching and entered by grandmother’s (Lilian Holt Farrar) parents name in the computer and came up with your blog. My deceased aunt from England used to talk of my Gran coming from a family of 16 with only 9 survivals she thought, she couldn’t remember too many names except (Jack, Oliver, Arthur, Phyllis, Sarah and Lilian) she also said the family Bible went to Australia with Uncle Jack. I do believe that your grandmother Phyllis Broadbent Brown was my grandmother’s sister. feel free to email me crisygarrick@yahoo.ca

      1. diane bray

        I.am Christina garricks cousin from leeds UK, I have a photo of Jack Sarah and Lillian when Jack came home from world war 1 in his uniform taken at empire studios in leeds. I also have a photo of Judith wedding showing Phyllis and Johnny taken in October 74 – please get in touch – dianeebray@hotmail.co.UK

  6. Phil Johnson (formerly Pickles)


    I am grandson of Percy Pickles and Sarah Broadbent, great to see your blog and some of the information is mind blowing, guess we are related :-), PS. I am West Yorkshire born and bred so can give you any information you need of your Yorkshire Family

    1. mallambert

      Hi Phil,
      Welcome aboard the wonderful world of the Holt family tree. Hasn’t Lynn Black done an amazing job with that fantastic blog.
      I am the great grandson of Joseph Holt who came here to Australia in 1882. His older brother Uriah also came here in 1885. Both were railway engineer/drivers.
      Not sure if you could see my email address so I will give it here. Please contact me there if you want.
      Cheers, Mal.


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