Some familiar c18th New Year’s Resolutions

The History of Love

Struggling to come up with some New Year’s Resolutions? Here is some eighteenth-century inspiration (and some of them seem terribly familiar…)

1. To sort out your love life (whatever form that may take)


Resolv’d to be Married!!                                        Resolv’d to live Single



Resolv’d to turn away Betty, having form’d a more desirable connection with Jenny


2. To learn something new


Resolv’d to be as captivating as possible


3. To be more healthy


Resolv’d to live very abstemious


4. To stop embarrassing yourself in public quite as often


Resolv’d to bid farewell to Scandal


5. To be a bit more brave


Resolv’d to be meek no longer


6. To consider a career change?


Resolv’d to indulge the World with no more works of Genius ’till better…

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