Lessons from Lisa

Well. Not been a good week for my genealogy work.  My computer has decided that it’s taken a dislike to a few of the programmes it’s run happily for months and even years and refuses to open them. The phrase “New updates are available” makes me groan inside.  The machine works, sulks, works then sulks again. As it is right now.

So the nearest I’ve been to my work this last week is to watch on TV one family’s moving experience tracing their ancestry.  They had a wealth of family photos, they had spoken with their older relatives, and had searched out long-forgotten family treasures.

All the right stuff, just like the guides say. They’d found echoes of their own lives in those of their ancestors, and were inspired by – some of – their deeds.

Jeez, it comes to something when your entire weeks’ family history research is watching The Simpsons!

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