Riding blindly into my Yorkshire past

Yorkshire roseOK so I’m finding when starting out with Yorkshire family history that there’s a lot to take in! Devon was relatively simple, with one Family History Society and records split between Exeter, Barnstaple and Plymouth.  Time to hit Genuki Yorkshire!

Learning a lot, including the fact that Yorkshire is the biggest county in England and has 3 Ridings. Just huge! My area would be the West Riding.

There are almost two dozen different FHSs in Yorkshire – could be expensive?  And none of them are called the Leeds or West Riding FHS!  Hmmm.

New word of the day: wappentakes!  Great word; it makes me smile when I read it, and it’s quite cool that it’s such an ancient [Danelaw] word. I suspect that it will be a long wade back into time before I need to use it, but we’ll see.

Also like that In the Leeds area there was also a Priory of Drax which is an amazing name – sounds so sci-fi when it’s actually so ancient [12thC].  Totally unrelated to my work, but it’s something simple which pleases my simple mind.

I think it will be just the West Riding area around Leeds that I’ll start with, I@ll see how it goes after that.

So, no Leeds FHS, but it seems Yorkshire Archaeological Society  may be the one.  Not the most obvious of names, granted, for a FHS but it looks promising.

Just a web page and a subscription away…

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