Panic! Dodgy late-night record keeping….

I had one of those panics this week where you think “wherever did I get that name from?!” Have I wasted a lot of my time chasing strangers?
Normally I’m a bit obsessive and like getting downloads or web links for all my sources, be they something as wonderful as a 150yo marriage certificate scan or a dry and frustrating death index.  Often my downloaded indexes are entries which may or may not turn out to be the right person but I may never know as I can’t afford to risk £10 on a certificate which may be the wrong person.  But that’s another issue.
In this instance, after returning to one family branch after a couple of months, I was totally doubting myself. I was back to looking at my Keast family again (my granddad’s dad’s family) after dwelling on his mother’s family for a few weeks.
But I was blowed if I could find a single bit of evidence in my files to confirm why I had identified Ann Keast as Emily Keast’s mum!  So annoying.  Two of Emily’s three marriage certificates(!) only list her (reputed) father John Pool Keast and the third doesn’t list either parent.  Riiiiiiiight…  I felt like two generations of ancestors were slipping away.
Ha!  What a relief, it was the elusive 1851 census in which had given me that information. Emily, Ann and granny Rebecca, all together. What a huge relief that I’m not cracking up.  AND – even better – it means that I have now found two new family trees on Ancestry that I can check out for common rels!  Result!
So now I have noted every piece of county, town, hamlet and lamp-post in that census reference.  Suspect it happened late one night – just a quick note which “I’ll remember to come back and finish tomorrow”.  So the moral of my story should be Don’t worry about staying up late obsessively ‘just doing one more search’ as it won’t matter if you sleep in and miss the bus, get the whole reference!  Uh huh, I’m sure my boss would go for that.
Ooops, it that the time? Gotta go, work tomorrow…

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