The treasure trove that imploded my brain

I’ve been passed a family history list, almost 20 years old, staples rusting onto the paper, produced by the Jelbert Society.  It has 37 pages of Jelbert families. A list, not a tree.  3 columns per page.  That’s a lot of names. I think my brain has just turned to mush.  I feel it losing the will to care.

I’m telling myself, it’s a gift!  A treasure!  A valuable document containing centuries of information!  But 37 page, 3 columns each…  Wow.

Quickly scanned for posterity, in case no other copies survived, it can sit until my brain is no longer tuned into my Devon family and I head south-west to meet the Cornish one…

3 thoughts on “The treasure trove that imploded my brain

  1. Ralph Jelbart

    Hello “cousin”, from your blogs I see that you are descended from the Jelberts that set up the ice cream business. I am from another branch of the same tree and a founder of the Jelbert Society. If you want help to make sense of the database extract that someone sent to you then I can help, or perhaps better, give you the ancestry from Stephen back to James Jelbarte of Gulval, Cornwall in 1600. Best wishes, Ralph Jelbart (

      1. Ralph Jelbart

        Hi Lynne, apologies, I missed your reply. Just put a dot instead of the abc and you will have the correct address. Regards, Ralph

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